The Market Community

Nestled inside Seattle's historic Pike Place Market, Pike
Market Child Care and Preschool rests on the second floor
of the market. Hidden from view of many market- goers,
PMCCP comes to life every morning to the sun shining over
Elliott Bay and the smell of fresh fruits, flowers, and pastries
from the market above.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market was born on August 17th, 1907 when
eight farmers gathered to sell produce to consumers who
embraced the philosophy of engaging directly with the growers of their food. Today, Pike Place Market attracts millions of visitors every year to engage in this very sort of interaction. To learn more about the market, visit their website.


Also tucked inside our local market is The Market Foundation. "Through fundraising, advocacy and community engagement, The Market Foundation has contributed to a neighborhood model that allows our diverse community to live and thrive here at Pike Place Market," (Pike Market Foundation website). We would like to recognize the incredible support The Market Foundation has provided PMCCP over the years.

Pike Place Market in the daytime