What aged children do you serve?


We are licensed to provide care for children from  4 months - 5 years of age. 


How large is the Wait Pool?


It depends.  A family can be on the waiting list for two days or over two years.  Although we have the greatest number of openings in the fall, we have open enrollment all year. When a spot becomes available, we identify families on the waiting list whose needs match the opening.  The biggest factor when matching a family to an opening is schedule;  priority is given to children needing full-time care, siblings of currently enrolled children, and families who work in the Market.


Is PMCCP a child care center or a preschool program?


Our program provides early education to young children.  We feel strongly that children need love and nurture in order to learn.  Therefore, at PMCCP caring and educating go hand-in-hand.


Can children attend part time?


Yes.  Children can join us two, three, or five days/week for full days.


How much does it cost?


We provide care on a sliding scale, so we look at each family’s size and gross income to determine what the cost will be.  Tuition ranges from $15 and above per month.  If you have questions about tuition rates or tuition assistance, please call the school at (206) 625-0842 or visit the tuition assistance page on this website.