Our Mission

Pike Market Child Care and Preschool fosters a passion for learning by ensuring that all families we serve have access to high-quality early education in a diverse, urban environment.



PMCCP works to ensure that young children are confident, curious, and competent learners. Children are not only prepared for kindergarten success, they are prepared to be resilient, lifelong learners (in conjunction, this goal is to provide services that are accessible to families, regardless of income or circumstance). In short:


  • Children in our program receive excellent care, healthy meals, and build skills necessary to succeed
    in kindergarten and beyond.

  • Families in our program have the opportunity to work, job search, or go to school, confident in the knowledge that their children are safe, healthy, and happy. Families also have access to resources
    that provide support and stability.

  • Teachers and staff are nurturers and models in lifelong learning. We are masters of play, harnessing every opportunity to promote love, learning, and social justice.