Staff and Board

Sweet Peas Classroom 

Bua Sengkham


Hello, my name is Bua Sengkham and I have been an Early Childhood educator since 2008. I became a part of Pike Market Child Care and Preschool's community in 2017 when my child was enrolled as a Busy Bee. In 2019 I became a Sweet Pea teacher and I love it!! What I enjoy about working with infants/young toddlers is that I am consistently learning from them. 


As a child, my family took pride in giving back to the community that we lived in. So being a part of PMCCP and the fact that one of the many values here is being an active part of supporting the community really brings me back to a familiar place that I love and cherish.

Banchu Mossa

Hi my name is Banchu  Mossa. I am from Ethiopia. I am a mother of two girls who are fifteen and fourteen years old. They are my most precious gift they are my everyday motivation.


Before working at PMCCP I was nanny to my brother’s kids, and at the same time I worked mostly in retail and hospitality. In the course of doing my jobs, I have developed skills to effectively communicate with most people. When I was at the Seattle Hilton, where I worked for over fifteen years. I was rewarded by the management team for my extra effort when helping customers. I also got a Washington State nursing assistance certificate in 2010.


I have been working in PMCCP since November, 2014. In 2016 PMCCP gave me an opportunity to get my RIE training (Resources for Infant Educators) I have been very interested in childhood development since I was young. I was always asking my sister in law; who works at the Pacific Place Montessori if her employer was hiring? Finally, she told me that PMCCP had a job opening, it was

my dream come true. 


PMCCP is a place where I received a lot of respect, love, encouragement and support.

Busy Bees Classroom

Ashlyn Phipps

Hello my name's Ashlyn. I've been a teacher at Pike Market
Childcare and Preschool since 2016. My passion for child care
started at an early age while helping my mother with her child care
center in our home. I continued my education in early childhood
education through Olympic College where I further refined my
philosophy around how children learn and grow. I believe children
are able to learn their best when surrounded by love, compassion,
and understanding, all while being completely immersed in their
play. My favorite part about starting the day with the children is the
excitement of learning something new. When I'm not at school I
enjoy relaxing with my cat Meow Meow, spending long weekends
with my friends, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the PNW.

Kacie Grice

Hi I’m Kacie. I have been in Early Childhood Education and Care for 8 years. I joined Pike Market Childcare and Preschool 2 years ago with the Busy Bee/ Blue Skies team. I couldn’t ask for a higher dream than serving children and families here. The joyful expedition of learning through play with toddlers is exciting and mutually enriching. I believe that fascination is the key to connecting to the world with our uttermost selves. Aerating natural fascination with rich materials and support enables  children to develop holistically.  Quality education for these young beings is our prime investment in a bright, fun, and fair future. Beyond the classroom, I enjoy adventures in nature. Every season has its gifts,  but snow is my favorite.

Mailin David


I am born and raised in the Philippines and moved and living in Seattle since 2016. I have 3 children Jewel, Janna and Johann and our fur baby name Chummy. 


I been working in Childcare since 2016. Working at Pike Market Childcare and Preschool brings so much joy in my life, for me children always sees how wonderful, beautiful, and colorful life is. And me being present in the children’s growing and learning journey is a precious meaningful opportunity. 

Blue Skies Classroom



I have been a part of PMCCP since 2005 and rejoined to teach fulltime again in 2019. I have an Associates degree in ECE and Bachelor's in Labor management as well as Post Graduate diploma in Computer applications. I am proud to be a part of PMCCP family - as they have shown me an amazing path of friendship, support, team work and their work towards Anti-Bias goals.

Evan Rogers

I started on my teaching journey when I began college and needed a part time job on campus. Thankfully so I got a part time job at the childcare center and began to flourish at that position. After a year and a half of working at the center I changed my major from accounting and business to Early Childhood Education. I then went on to become a full time lead teacher at that center and stayed for about four years until I took my talents to Seattle where I aspired to one day work at PMCCP (no joke!). After working a year as a floater at one school and a co-teacher at another, I got my opportunity at PMCCP and have been happily working here ever since. Being a parent I recognize how special PMCCP is as I observed my daughter who has been apart of this school since she was a Sweet Pea.

Lou Short

Hello there! My name is Lou Short and I am a teacher here at Pike Market Childcare and Preschool. I first began my career in Early Childhood Education in January of 2015 at Olympic College as a student employee assisting teachers in the preschool/toddler classrooms while I was also pursuing my associate's degree for ECE. What initially drove me to entering this field was the love and respect for the learning and development of young children I fostered in my high school years as a practicum student in our high school childcare program.

I officially came to PMCCP as a substitute teacher in the summer of 2015 and returned again the following summer of 2016 and stayed as a sub through that year. I officially came on as a full-time teacher in our community in April of 2017 and have been here ever since! The initial introduction that I had to PMCCP was through my brother Evan who was a teacher here before me and encouraged me to try out subbing all the way over here in Seattle. Ever since my first visit, I really felt drawn to PMCCP by its values and the beautiful ways I saw teachers interacting with children was unique to me. It felt like I was in a space that genuinely cherishes and takes care to protect the learning and growth of each child so I knew I found the community I wanted to be in.

Moon Beams Classroom

Amanda Lizano


Hi! I’m Amanda and I’m a child reflective practitioner in the preschool cohort at Pike Market Childcare and Preschool, beginning in March of 2017. I’m first generation Cuban American from Miami, Florida and I moved to Seattle in 2017; I have loved embracing the Pacific Northwest and everything it has to offer. Children all have stories to tell in the work they do and knowledge they bring into the space. I see myself as a conduit, guide, and storyteller through the visibility and validity of their identities and learning through their cultural and contextual environments.


I received my Bachelor of Science from Florida International University in Early Childhood Education in 2014. I am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration on Constructivism from Portland State University and

will graduate in Spring 2021.


Outside of the Market, I enjoy watching turtle documentaries with my daughter, learning how to knit a scarf, writing poetry, supporting small businesses, and finally committing to learning how to ride a bike!

Hannah Williams

Hi there! My name is Hannah and I am a MoonBeam/Rainbow Bird teacher! My pronouns are she/her. 


I moved to Seattle in January of 2019 after spending the previous summer subbing in as a Busy Bee teacher, where I fell in love with the culture, values, and atmosphere of PMCCP. Even though I was a few short months away from getting my degree in Tennessee, I knew coming back to PMCCP was the right path for me. I will soon graduate with my Early Care and Education degree from the University of Washington in Spring of 2021! 


Even in elementary and middle school I remember spending time in my Nana’s classroom where I began to explore what would soon be my passion of teaching. I began working with children in a more 

formal school setting in 2017 and have been refining my values as a teacher ever since. I feel very passionate about anti-bias, anti-racist, and culturally reflective teaching and honoring all children and families! I feel so grateful that PMCCP is an environment where this can be cultivated as a community. When I’m not at school, I love spending time with my cat Olive, thrifting, and crafting!

Rainbow Birds Classroom

Alicia Guinn

Alicia Guinn has taught in progressive, anti-bias preschools in Seattle since 2006. She was ecstatic to join the Pike Market Child Care and Preschool team in 2019. She holds a BA and MA in English and has earned 33 college credits in Early Childhood Education. Alicia loves collaborating with children to find engaging, enriching opportunities for play, exploration, and learning. She is passionate about preschool as an important foundation for learning about community, fairness, kindness, inclusion, and justice--which in turn can lead to long-term, positive social change. 

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she is committed to helping schools become truly welcoming of all LGBTQ+ children, families, teachers, and community members. Using strategies from Positive Discipline, Inclusive Classrooms, Roots of Empathy, and Trauma-Informed Practice, Alicia builds warm, trusting relationships with children and creates inclusive classroom communities that welcome and support all children.

Christina Burgess

Hello Community, I’m Christina Rogers, I consider myself passionate and dedicated to Early Childhood Education and Children’s rights. I’m a white passing mix of Xicana and Scotts Irish heritage. I was born and raised in the Silicon Valley, Granddaughter of Mexican Immigrants, daughter of a hard-working single mother, and later became a big sister being the oldest sibling by ten years. I believe Caring for my Sister and Brother is where I grew my foundation of love, respect and protection of childhood and children. I am honored to hold a title of honorary protector of childhood (ask me about this official title and I will share my story). I started my early childhood education journey in 1989, I studied Early Childhood Education at De Anza College, Palo Alto California. Over the last twelve years I have studied and put into practice Reggio Child Centered Reflective practice. 

I came to PMCCP in 2016 as a sub and was hired on my birthday, a true gift. I am honored to work at a center that values and puts Equity, children, families and staff at the heart of everything. I moved to the Great Northwest in my early twenties, left and moved back to put roots down in 2000, a single mother with my five year old daughter in tow. When I’m not at work you will find me spending time with my family and friends, enjoying the outdoors with my grandpup, visiting art venues and participating in the Seattle music scene documenting my husband’s bands via amateur photography. As a connection to my culture I volunteer and have become part of the staff for the annual Dia de Los Muertos festival at the Seattle Center, I took on the role of face painting coordinator, where I help manage volunteers and the face painting station, come see me in October, volunteers and participants are always needed.

Administrative Staff

Lesa Valenzuela (she/her)
Education Coordinator

I began my journey in Early Childhood Education in 1993, when after volunteering in a Head Start classroom, I knew I had found my calling called to me was the natural, inherent curiosity that drives children to understand their world. They are full of wonder, excitement and highly capable to know and do extraordinary things.   


At the center of my love for this field is the belief that teaching and learning happen best

within the construct of culture, family, and community. I have great commitment and passion for Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism work and am grateful for the history of intentionality that our community has built-in embedding this work with our child-centered emergent curriculum approach.  


I am proud to say that PMCCP has been my 2nd home for over 20 years!  When I’m not working, I am with my daughter, Sofia Amparo, who graduated from PMCCP in 2017.  I am married to my best friend Jeff and we love being Sofia’s parents! When we are not at school, you will find us spanning time with our dogs Charlie and Goose, listening to music, and playing outside. Knitting and photography are my favorite hobbies and I love doing just about anything creative!

Erika Johnson (she/her)
Program Coordinator

My name is Erika and I was born and raised in Seattle by my mom and gramma. I began my work in the field of Early Childhood Education in 1987.  I accepted a teaching position at PMCCP in 2015--which was an absolutely, wonderful decision. I have learned so much from the teachers, staff, families, and children in my time here. The sense of passion and community felt from the time I walked through the door was, honestly, AHH-MAAZING!! 

In 2020, I had the honor of stepping into the role of Program Manager.  Having the opportunity to support our Preschool community from a leadership standpoint has been worthwhile …and my learning continues. 

The curiosity and wonderment of children is a

beautiful sight.  Being a part of the learning and exploration of children is what makes working at PMCCP an almost magical experience.

When not surrounded by incredible humans that are younger than me, I enjoy singing, acting, cooking, hanging out with my Russian tortoise, Zoey-- and just good ol’ fashion laughter!!

Ezilia Best (she/her)
Food Services Coordinator

Born to the land of the Spokani-Kali in the early 1960’s. My oldest sister was Alaska native and she was my care giver as an infant and toddler. My beginnings of cooking in Seattle started in 1981 at the McGraw Street Village Store where I cooked whole grain breads, granola, soups and more. In 1992 & 94 I was in Hinterberger’s Alley, an annual fundraiser for the Harvest Foundation. In 2007-9 I was on the Faculty at South Seattle College where I taught culinary arts food science. During my time at South I was active with a feeder program at Chief Sealth High School and also obtained a federal grant to teach an adult education class for south Asian restaurant owners at the International District Community Center. Since August 2017 I have been here at PMCCP cooking for our wonderful community with gratitude and love.

Jessica Crockett (she/her)

Administrative & Enrollment Coordinator

From small spaces in Germany to raising 3 anti-bias children under 4 years old in old Seattle, PMCCP is my actual lived dream. 

I began with teaching University English core courses while doing wedding hair on the weekends, and have most recently been awarded an anti-racist ecology research grant with Highline College. 

It is PMCCP's actions and deliverables of inclusion work and equity in motion, that redirects my MFA from adult education to early learning. The connection and family oriented values of their resourceful, play-to-learn environment, has created a bridge for my future that I will walk with intention every day under and around these cobblestones. 

My only plan beyond this amazing community is to resist the value that the truth is always in hindsight. Rather, I approach every day with an openness for goodness in early learning. 


Board of Directors

Ashley Palar | Danielle Green | Grace Leong | John Heacock
Neal Gosh| Jonna Kaplan | Kiarra Witcher | Larai Wushishi | Lenore Rubin